“The camera is an instrument, that teaches people how to see without a camera“

Dorothea Lange


"Photography, especially portraiture, has always been my deep passion and the way in which I can express my inner thoughts. When I observe people through the medium of the camera it opens up to me a greater understanding of their personality. I believe the result is the successful capture of distinctive images…"


"...The set of images for Nostalgia were created in my home town Bosovice in the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic. It is a place where, during your everyday trip to the local shop, you can meet someone in the street and two hours later find yourself leaving their house with a dozen home-laid eggs, a bottle of home made cherry liquor and warm feeling in your heart." 


Michala was born in the Czech Republic and relocated to Edinburgh in 2005. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Abertay University in 2016 and continues to live in the capital with her young family.