Heather Wood is a professional artist, located in the heart of Edinburgh.
Drawing and painting has been a lifelong passion of Heather’s. She graduated with a BA
honor (2011), from Grays School of Art, specialising in Visual Communication.
Heather’s career began as a commission artist where her work has included many
different subjects. Comic artwork proved to be her most popular commission pieces, as
well as personal family and pet portraits. Heather works primarily with watercolour and

acrylic paints on canvas and paper.

Most recently, Heather has been focusing on pulling inspiration from her homeland of
Scotland, to bring you the collection of artworks you see before you today.
Heather began with Edinburgh’s iconic architecture such as Edinburgh Castle and the
Scott Monument, painting them in her own context. She wanted to bring a new lease of
life to these buildings and therefore a colourful palette of purples, blues and green was
born. These colours represent “Scotland” to Heather, which she also began applying to

local pop culture,

Scottish legends such as Billy Connolly and popular tv series Still Game, complete some
of Heather’s purple portraiture. Heather also has a great passion for animals, choosing
to focus on those from Scottish wildlife in a range of delicate watercolours.
Within the last year, Heather has expanded her work online and became a member of The
Leith Collective, both of which became a new venture and a platform to show versatility.
Heather’s work can be seen in three of the collectives’ locations including Edinburgh,
Glasgow, and London. This gave Heather a chance to expand her work from canvas to

products such as prints, mugs, coasters and much more.

The future brings more of Scotland’s pop culture seen through Heather’s purple vision,

and a promise for an eco-friendly production.

IG: hwood87