5'14 Gallery

Since it has been founded, Art Gallery 5’14 has been an international marketplace for artists, art collectors and businesses. Our gallery is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and we currently work with 90 artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers) from all over the world. We represent them at art fairs, in our art catalogues, we organize exhibitions, competitions, we promote the art, the story of our talented artists, connecting them with people who love art. The concept of the gallery is that art is for everyone. We work to make art accessible to all those who are interested in it. Today more and more people choose to make original art part of their home and in doing so, change their homes and their lives. We feel very privileged to share our passion with people. The gallery has achieved much more than we ever imagined in less than two years. The people responsible for this success are our clients as well as talented artists. In the future, we will be offering artistic education programs and resources for children to start getting closer to art and then become artists or art lovers. To explore our constantly growing collection and discover new dimensions of art, please visit our online gallery. Surely you will find art you will love.