Jagoda Natalia Zwiernik

For several years I have been associated with Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. I have studied Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zielona Góra and Sculpture and Spatial Activities at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan , Poland.

People and their stories inspire me the most, as well as the social situation to which I feel obliged to respond to.
For example a triptych of colourful graphics consisting of the works “ Look for a husband!”,     "I am not looking for the other half" and "Asteroid B-612" deals with the topic of being Single - his social status, and how he is perceived. He is often considered a loser and not full blown person. Whereas the artwork "The Wing” tells about the silent life of what lives undercover- under the clothes, not visible for outside world. It’s about the silent battle of dealing with chronic pain, fear, helplessness and struggle to adapt to new conditions.

The second inspiration to create are the observations and experiences that I acquire during numerous journeys. In a series of five real golden leaf Spanish prints, I am presenting my memories of walking along the charming streets and nooks of Barcelona, to evening poetry reading in Pubol, a small town where Salvadore Dali lived and worked. Whilst the artwork “Are you talking to me”? is inspired by tropical and exotic Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Series of photographs "Metamorphosis" is a metaphor that shows your future, present and past. As a result, the prospect of the continuity of human life arises in your mind. It emphasises the idea of the process of transforming human behaviour and psychological structure throughout the lifetime. "

Part 2 1.jpeg

“ Did you know that cucumber taste like tears?” 


Pandemic is affecting a lots of us and Id like to make a difference and show mental health awareness with my art work. I deeply believe we can make it through together but we need to look after each other. Id like to show how our reality was influenced by the pandemic, forced by external factors, social isolation and the chronic stress associated with it. For many of us, it is connected with the necessity of difficult adaptation to new conditions, an uncertain future and a huge psychological burden.

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“An Island” 


My body is a land. An ISLAND - the unknown and disturbing landscape on the one hand, and the known tranquillity and peace on the other hand. Everything falls silent.

My room .My ocean. My bed. My boat.
My wild dreams shifted with fear and uncertainty.
My room, four walls which becomes my new whole world. 

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part 4 tryp 2.jpg
part 4 tryp 3.jpg

The triptych of graphics consisting of vibrant works "Look for a husband", .. Asteroid B-612 "deals with the topic of being Single. The social norms and public perception of singles. They are often considered losers and a person of no value. Embodiment of that issue is And I think my graphic - I'm not looking for a half, because I'm not a half. Even the phrase I am looking for - relationships, love and new pair of shoes aren't objects. You cannot look for them, find them on shelves.

1.”Look for a husband!”

2. “Asteroid B-612”

3.”I’m not a half “

Outer Space
In The Space

...chosen art exhibitions....


2019- "Swiata Widzenie VIII", art exhibition graphics, Zagan, Poland.

2019- "National Artistic Photography Competition", Poland edition Photography competition, award, Zary, Poland

2020- "Photography Competition", District edition of photography competition, award, Zary, Poland

2020- Individual art show “ESCAPE20” , Palace of Culture, Zagan, Poland

2020 - John Byrne Award ,(participated ),Edinburgh, Scotland

2021- Centre of Contemporary  Art , “Wystaw sie!”, Torun, Poland

2021 - PH21 GALLERY “Silent”, International  photography exhibition , Budapest, Hungary ,

2021- PH21 GALLERY “Stories”,  International  photography exhibition , Budapest, Hungary ,

2021- D31 gallery , International Photography Prize 2021, Doncaster, UK